Service and maintenance contracts

Regular, comprehensive maintenance of your hardware to secure and guarantee its functionality is non-negotiable.

Within the scope of our maintenance and response time contracts we offer you:

  • Regular, comprehensive maintenance of your hardware products
  • The creation of individual, customized concepts that are optimally suited to your needs
  • Agreements on response and restitution times
  • Supplying the most important replacement parts and expendables for the hardware used by you
  • Handling fault reports and telephonic problem diagnosis, prompt coordination of all measures required and the deployment of the necessary IT experts
  • On-site repairs: trouble shooting, repairing individual components or entire systems and replacing them with tested, certified replacement part
  • Fixing faults of the operating system, applications or connected peripherals (network, printers, etc.) by means of comprehensively trained system engineers, by telephone or on-site
  • Assessing and arranging your claims against manufacturers in terms of legal or contractual guarantees and warranties
  • Advice and planning extended escalation scenarios to maintain the functionality of your IT systems
  • Totally transparent escalation management – from the first telephone call reporting right through to correcting the fault and the final report and invoicing